TEB bank, pioneer bank in Kosovo changed thousands of people's banking experience with 4.5 app store rating. 

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My Role

The project goal was to build the first bank app for Kosova. The app aims to teach financial management and create an opportunity to acquire new users. I was in charge of the UX strategy and design of all screens, prototypes, and flows as part of a UX team. We begin with accumulating customer needs and business goals. As a leader of the UX team, I was also responsible for presenting all deliverables to the client.

TEB / Project Owner

Userspots / Design Agency

6 Months / Duration



Customers, live in Kosovo, haven't experienced digital financial management before so we found a few challenges to tackle with.

Be Informative

Customers have not mastered the use of banking products. Therefore, the application should be instructive and easy to use.


Customers, don't track any application progress, don't distinguish minimum and total debt payment of credit card, don't pay loan installments in time.

Budget Management

Customers need a product to track their all income and expenses with future payments.


Customers are not able to differentiate between TEB's marketing campaigns and loan options.


A huge lead opportunity within inactive customer segment. They only visit the branch to pay their debt or withdraw salaries.

Innovative Bank 

Customers describe TEB as an innovative bank because of it's reformist products so they always expect more.



Analyzed 50+ applications to discover trends and highlight Pros&Cons of field. Applications are clustered based on their main features.

site logosite logo


Help us to understand the scope of the project with created flows. Business scope is determined with this map.


UX Strategy

User interviews and data have revealed that Kosovo's users are uneducated in the digital financial tools. The strategy focused on creating instructions. All parts of the dashboard have been designed to prevent users from uncertainty. The dynamic layout is built for different cases.


Initial Ideas

After the strategy had been approved, we designed and tested more than ten ideas in this process. We reached potential users to measure the usability and efficiency of ideas by conducting usability tests.

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Designed 100+ screens and 10+ flow for the project. We built high-fidelity wireframes in order to get better feedback during user testing. You can find highlighted features below the page.

The dashboard is visually separated with two sections. The top one displays the financial status with income and expense data.

The second component splits the page into two different tabs. Users can access their product (accounts, credit card, and credit information) and necessary actions in the first tab.

In the second tab, the financial calendar provides users to follow their financial situations and saved transactions to ease their lives.

Users were unfamiliar with the details of financial features so we added detailed information below the links to explain and provide ease of use.

The application covers three main financial products. Every product is analyzed and most used features are highlighted in the detail pages. Even though users don't have enough experience to use the product, we placed more detailed information accessible within the page.


We designed some interactions to prevent users from errors. If the user selects any wrong features, we try to allow them to update selection on the same screen. We also provide a save feature to fasten overall user journeys.

 To increase sales and revenue, featured products are offered to users if they don't have similar product on their dashboard

Bank lets users access their financial data without login if users give permission.

Progress bars are designed to inform and help users if the process takes more than one steps. 

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Visual Design

Color, icons and typography structure were created ​based on TEB Kosovo corporate identity. Also, different design options are prepared and presented to the client. The design guideline was shared with the software team.